A Spiritual Bath To Rise Your Vibration

(a special recipe for all the participants in the upcoming Vibration Booster Ritual)

This recipe’s measurements are for 1 bath; you can pre-make as many baths as you are going to do, and portion it on coffee filters on muslin bags for future use. Because of this, all plants should be fully dry.

The best day to do these baths is Sunday or Monday, and you can do as many weeks as you wish. I do at least one spiritual bath per week, changing the recipes seasonally, but this is one of my favourites.

In a bowl, mix 1 teaspoon of each of:

· Rosemary: this holy herb will cleanse away all stagnant energy, and send negative entities far from you.

· Lemongrass: this herb will fill you with positive energy, and empower you.

· Basil, preferably the Italian varieties; there is very little this herb cannot do, and when it comes to bringing in good energy, it’s just the best.

· Green Tea, preferably loose tea; this herb will renew your connection with your spiritual allies.

· Ginger root: there is no other plant like ginger when it comes to help you deal with stuff; if you want to raise your vibration, this step is absolutely necessary.

Once you have mixed your herbs well, and placed them on your coffee filter/fabric bag, you can place them directly on your bath water, or make a tea with it beforehand, and slowly pour it over yourself after you shower; there is no difference in the effects. The only important thing to remember is to allow it to air dry on your skin.

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