Friday July 22: Shield Of Light Ritual, 2nd Edition

Finally, after more than a year since the first edition, the Spirits have decreed that it is the right time for the second round of the Shield Of Light Ritual – and on Friday July 22, just along the beginning of Leo season!

I am sure that, somewhere along the last two years, each one of us has looked at the Universe and asked “Could you please give me a break?” To say that this time has been completely overwhelming is an understatement, and at this point, it is very likely that you are feeling exhausted, depleted, and frayed at every level. This is no joke – just as psychology has already coined the term of pandemic fatigue syndrome, you can be absolutely sure that there is such thing as spiritual fatigue too. Spiritual fatigue makes you very vulnerable to negative spiritual entities, curses, evil eye, bad luck, as well as to all kind of misfortune.

But, you are not alone: you have the Spirits, and you have Magic to help you, and there are ways to empower, shield, and renew your entire energy. This is why I have designed the Shield Of Light Ritual. As always, along with my beloved Spirit Guides, I have developed a ritual focused on protection, shielding, and re-empowerment of your auric field, in order to rejuvenate your power completely, and strengthen your protection at all levels.

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