How To Empower Your Psychic Abilities



This is one of the subjects that I get more requests about, so it will be the centre of today’s blog post!

· Trust your intuition.

How many times do you need yo say “I wish I had trusted myself in this” before you actually do it? How much do you think your life would change if you actually followed what your soul tells you? Believe me, a lot. A whole lot. And the more you use it, and the more you trust it, the more and better it will work. Just like a muscle, your intuition needs to be exercised.

· Stop believing that it only happens to other people.

Quit the excuses, the procrastination, and the lack of commitment and accountability. If it happens to other people, it is because they have put more effort, and because they rightfully deserve it. As long as you keep believing that you are not directly responsible for your success in your spiritual path, you will never get there.

· Ask for what you want. Yes, out loud. And be specific.

You and the Creator* are at the same distance than me and the Creator, or that anyone and the Creator – at one on one distance. Everyone can pray, everyone can talk to God and the Spirits, and therefore, everyone can receive empowerment directly from them. Just ask for it – just as it happens with your intuition, your faith really does count.

* Please notice that always, when I say God or the Creator, I am not giving that term a gender, a religion, a specific nature, or any other characteristic.




· Flex your magical muscle by sharing your gift.

You all know that I have nothing against charging a fair amount for your work, but before we get to it and become a professional, we must grow a powerful foundation of experience, and hone the craft we will be offering. A lot of practitioners get into a business too soon, and that can be not only draining, but downright dangerous. And remember – choose your recipients, instead of just going on a “free reading “ spree online. If you just give away your work to anyone, you will definitely regret it.

· Choose the right Spirits to work with you on divination and spellwork.

Not every Spirit has knowledge of the future, or the ability to perform spellwork – and this is specially true of Ancestors, unless they were in the business of witchcraft too. Your Ancestors are there to hold you, support you, and empower you, but they cannot give you what they do not have. When it comes to divination and spellwork, choose deities and spirits who are prepared for the task, and see how your performance improves.

· Allow a trusted practitioner to work on your energy.

In the same way that therapies like Reiki work, you can hire a trusted and reputed practitioner to help you open your energy channels. This is, of course, even more helpful when you are doing your own work, and get someone with more experience to push you and support you. I can tell you from my experience with my own customers – when that happens, the blessings are just unbelievable.

Of course, I offer that service as part of my custom work. Check the links below, and contact me if interested!


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Spirit Message: Lost Dreams


A message from my Guides, as always received during my meditation. I never know who these messages are for, so I would be grateful for any shares, so they reach as many people as possible ❤️❤️❤️!
Nothing of what you have experienced, of what you have done, of what you have learnt, is ever lost. So, failure simply does not exist – either it was not the correct time, or the correct person, or the correct approach. But that does not mean that is was not the correct dream.
Say it again, with us – failure does not exist. You have not failed.
If that dream is still burning inside your heart, if you can’t let go, no matter what you do, then go for it, with all your heart. You deserve it, you owe it to yourself, and you owe it to the Universe to fulfill your purpose. But this time, you are going to look at yourself and your self-sabotaging behaviours, and you are going to write a different story.
Love yourself enough to succeed, love yourself enough to create a plan that will work, love yourself enough to commit to it with everything you’ve got. Love yourself so much, that you raise above self-sabotage, where it cannot even reach you.
And don’t forget that we are with you, sending you love and acceptance and courage every minute that you are committing to your goal, and we always will.


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What Is Spiritual Empowerment?


Spiritual Empowerment is the ability to accept the hard questions, the shadows of our past, and the loss we all face, and deal with them successfully. We are not damaged or hindered by what has happened to us – we take our experience, we learn what we can from it, and we move on.

Spiritual Empowerment is the ability to turn those questions, shadows, and losses, into an endless connection to the Divine Source of Love, elevating our vibration into pure awareness. Our experience makes us more compassive, more giving, more loving.

Spiritual Empowerment is being free to become a completely new person, and leave your old habits, your own personality, your old excuses behind. Spiritual Empowerment has no place for shame about what others may think, nor shyness about shining our light.

Spiritual Empowerment is feeling the need to give others the blessing we have been given, extending the Empowerment to anyone who wants to leave their old patterns of thinking behind. Just so, Spiritual Empowerment it is accepting and loving those who will not change, but not allowing them to manipulate us.

Remember, our Spiritual Empowerment Service is just five days away! Get your participation at the link below, and of course, feel free to share!


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Update For Customers: New Social Media Addresses


As of today, my Twitter username has changed from @msbrujacarolina to @urspiritmaster, following the name changes of all my social media that I’ve been doing this month. After the Spiritual Empowerment Service, I will change my website’s URL, and finally I will be done! Sorry for the lack of posts this month, this transition has meant a lot of extra work, I’ve been studying like crazy, and booked full week after week – but I promise you I will compensate you all with new articles very soon!

That leaves the addresses for social media as:







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Introduction To Feng Shui: Welcoming The Year Of The Rat



The year of the Metal Rat celebrations will begin on the New Moon on January 25, and will end on February 4. I am a certified Feng Shui practitioner, so I thought it would be the perfect time to talk a bit about this inspiring Chinese tradition, giving my readers a profound, but clear understading of what it is and how it works, away from oversimplification.

Something that I want to make very clear is that Feng Shui IS NOT about placing Chinese objects around the house, or about copying traditions out of your culture – it’s about the harmony between man and its environment; the natural environment, and the man-made environment. Feng Shui is one of the ways of the Tao, along with other disciplines like Tai Qi, the I Ching divination method, traditional medicine, etc. At its inception, it was created to plan the location and planning of cities, graveyards, and of course private homes; from the macro to the micro, from the practical to the spiritual, as one.

Harmony is the most important concept of Feng Shui, and that is achieved through two ways: first, from utilizing any of the methods or schools of Feng Shui – something that only trained practitioners can do, since this can be extremely complex; and second, by seeking harmony in your own life. This second part is open to everyone, and everyone can benefit from it, no matter which is your culture.

The first enemy of harmony is clutter. No amount of Buddhas, money plants, or I Ching coins will do a thing if you are surrounded by chaos. Actually, all of those can even fuel more chaos in, and make the problem even worse. So, removing clutter, cleaning, and fixing broken lights, appliances, and doors/windows is absolutely paramount.

Chi, or Qi, is the energy that surrounds and flows through everything, animate or inanimate – this is the primordial energy that Feng Shui works with. You must imagine it as water that flows into your space from outside, and behaves like water does: fills from the floor up, drains off through your actual drainage system, and of course, clogs and rots in cluttered and dirty spaces. If there is too much, it drowns you; if there is too little, you feel thirsty and lifeless.

The Qi of your home, and your life’s own Qi, mirror and influence each other. This is an extremely important concept that I often find disappears behind the superficial home decor chat that usually goes with Westerners selling Feng Shui to other Westerners, totally disconnected from the very root of this practise, which as I said is the Tao. Problems who seem stuck in your life will always reflect on your surroundings, and many times, problems in the environment will reflect on your health, your career, and your relationships. This is way more complex than what I can explain in this article, but believe me, it is true.

Qi also flows inside your body, so your health can be greatly affected by good or bad Qi – the Qi of your home, of your workplace, and of your diet. Of course, when I mean diet, I mean food, but also how you spend your time, what you feed your mind, and who you allow to influence your energy. Practising a healthy diet, and a peaceful life away from unnecessary drama, are extremely powerful ways to improve your Qi.

Be wary of anyone selling you Feng Shui who is too focused on making you rich. As I have explained, this is about harmony, and that includes good health, happy relationships, and personal peace and fulfillment. Of course, Feng Shui gives an important place to fortune and prosperity, because happiness is greatly supported on them – but it is not the root of happiness itself. Services which are not fully holistic, and that focus only on the placement of amulets or on home decor, will only declutter your wallet for good!

Note: If you want to read the Tao Te Ching, which I absolutely recommend, you can do so HERE. It’s in the public domain, so it is very easy to find versions in other languages on Google. I read it when I was seventeen, and it truly changed my life.


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Parasitic Spirit Entities: A Short Essay



This week, I am working with a customer who will has been undergoing extensive magical work to eliminate the presence of parasitic spirit entities from his home. I thought this was an extremely interesting and useful subject for many readers, and a perfect way to welcome the new era of this blog, so I started taking notes from the very emails I exchanged with my customer; before I knew it, I had this essay in my hands.

Let’s begin with a few questions to clarify what they are, where they come from, and what they do.

What is a parasitic spirit entity? A parasitic spirit entity is a harmful spirit that feeds off the energy of living humans. Most of them are not human, and never were; some can begin as ghosts, but as time goes by, they lose their humanity, and become something else.

Are they related to curses? They can sometimes be sent along with a curse, but most of the time, they are just there. Like accidents and illness, they simply exist, and you just happen to cross their way.

Are they related to the practise of magic/Ouija/occultism? Not really. This is one of those paranormal tv show legends.

Who is more vulnerable to these entities? Children, elderly people, chronically ill people, addicts, people going through grieving, people living with childhood abuse/sexual abuse trauma, or PTSD. In short, anyone who has their natural protective energy damaged.

Can they cause death? Yes, definitely. They don’t actually murder people, but if nothing is done and they pass undetected, they will feed off the person’s energy until they have destroyed them completely. After that, they will jump on the weakest person around, or simply wait in a hibernation-like state until the next victim comes around.


What are the symptoms of the presence of parasitic entities?

· Sudden illness with no previous causes, dramatic accidents, loss of wealth.

· Death of a child, suicide of a young person.

· Anyone in the household experiencing terrifying nightmares or visions.

· Anyone in the household experiencing severe addiction to harmful substances.

· Anyone in the household becoming abusive or extremely violent, without a cause.

Let me add that, on EVERY case, a thorough investigation and a following spiritual work must be performed by an expert on the subject, and I don’t mean a paranormal investigator or a priest, I mean a powerful spiritual worker. A priori, I have nothing against paranormal investigators or priests, but they might not be prepared to deal with the situation, and they could put everyone in danger, including themselves. They’re simply out of their league here.

And please, please, please, don’t try to fix this yourself. That is the worst of all choices. You could be causing great damage to yourself and yours, and it usually ends up actually making the parasite stronger. Go to a professional that is truly prepared to fight it, and be very aware that there is the chance that you will need several works to fully eliminate the entity. That really depends on the power of the spiritual worker.


My customer wanted to know what mundane work he could do to help the process of cleansing the energy of the home while the work is being performed, and after. Here is a shortened version of my advice to him:

· Remove clutter. Like cocroaches and rodents, parasitic spirit entities love cluttered spaces that are never moved or cleaned, and make their home there. Clutter inside cupboards, under the stairs, and on garages and storage rooms are just as important as visible clutter.

· After removing all clutter, tend to broken stuff, specially drains and water pipes, broken/missing electricity plugs, dark corners, under the stairs, and attics/storage room. The point is to make it inhospitable as possible for the entity. The more you work on this, the more positive energy you will attract, and the more difficult you will make it for the entity to stay.

· Wash the entire house with Holy Water, paying special attention to doors and windows. If you cannot mop the floor because of carpet, just spray it.

· If you have mirrors facing your bed, wash them with Holy Water first, and then cover them while you sleep. Mirrors are portals, for the good and the bad spirits, and they can disturb your sleep profoundly. Not sleeping well is at the root of all illness – physical, mental, and spiritual.

· Clean your diet. Addictions feed parasitic entities. Smoking, drinking, drugs, and of course sugars and harmful fats lower your vibration, damage your health at all levels, and weaken you, turning you into easy prey.

· Laughter, music, and joy are excellent medicines, as parasitic entities feed on sadness and hopelessness. Surround yourself with all of it.

· For the same reasons, any form of meditation, yoga, exercising, dancing, etc. will make you stronger and healthier at all levels. Parasitic entities hate healthy, strong people – the more you become one, the farther away they will stay.


And, before I finish this essay, let me say this: it is extremely difficult for the victim of parasitic entity activity to find the strength to ask for help, or even to finance that help – if you know someone who might be going through this, show them this article, and help them find the assistance they need – and believe me, providing this blessing for someone will grant you the favour from Spirits, and will definitely raise your vibration at all levels!

Here is the feedback of a dear customer who recently went through this very process– there is no better way to explain it than my patrons’ words! You can find this feedback, and more, at the Customer Feedback page of my website.

“I requested a hex-breaking work from her for a close family member whose had the weight of a curse on her for years. For the first time, I’ve seen this family member fall asleep easily every night (not an easy feat for this person), and she’s been much happier since the hex-breaking was done.

This working especially has made me a loyal customer of Carolina for life. She is truly a blessing to this world, and I’m so grateful for the work she has done on behalf of me and my family. I couldn’t recommend Carolina enough to anyone!! A. M., USA


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Notification For All Subscribers: The Blog Is Back!


This post is just a short notification for all subscribers, to make sure their subscription is working as it should – if you could leave a comment letting me know that you have received this post in your inbox, I will be extremely grateful!

And, if you want to change your bookmarks, or share this blog, the new address is

In one hour, you will also be receiving a very special post, so stay tuned!


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Spiritual Work: Moon Eclipse Tips (Part 2)


As promised (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, check my previous post), here’s a cleansing spiritual bath, for you or for your home:

· A large bowl and a white taper candle;

· Holy Water (you can bless it yourself), enough to fill the bowl;

· A spoonful of dry Rosemary;

· A Spoonful of coarse salt;

· A Spoonful of dry Wormwood (Artemisia genus, any variety);

· A piece of silver jewelry, or a silver coin.

Place the candle in the bowl, sticking well by melting the bottom a bit; then fill the bowl with the Holy Water, and add all the other elements. Light the candle, and pray over the mixture, asking the power of the Moon Eclipse to cleanse you (or your home), and help you release any burdens or negativity around you. Allow it to steep overnight, or at least until the candle is put off when it reaches the water level.

The following morning, retrieve the silver piece, and strain the liquid well. It is ready to be used for your spiritual bath, or to cleanse your home, either as a floor wash or as a spray. Whatever you choose, remember to keep your intention and visualization in your mind while doing it, just as when you prayed over the mixture.


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Spiritual Work: Moon Eclipse Tips (Part 1)



Today we have a moon eclipse in the next hours. You may have been feeling a shift in energy already – for good and bad. Here are some tips to make the best of the next few days:
· People will be prone to dramatic outbursts, to make situations bigger than they are, and to misinterpret your words, so make sure to make use of all your patience and forgiveness for the next few days.
· Depending on your birth charts, some of you will be super inspired, and some of you will feel like if every thought from your head had evaporated. If you are on the first group, use this time to create; if you are in the second, relax, connect with nature, do some exercise, and grab that book you’ve been wanting to read.
· It is a great time to get cleansing spiritual baths, cleanse your home, or cleanse your magical tools: the eclipse will wash away old and stagnant energy, and release burdens and dead weight.
(Later today, I will post a cleansing spiritual bath recipe, so stay tuned!)
· Unless you are very skilled, do not do any magic focused on increasing anything today (Jan 10). I would wait until Monday, really. Eclipses accelerate endings, and make broken situations come to the surface.



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Dear 2020: A Reflection


Dear 2020,

I promise that I am going to treat you like you deserve. I promise I am going to make you proud. I promise I am going to create you, with every skill I have, as beautiful and as powerful as I can.
Today, you are a blank page – I promise that I will write words of love, of kindness, and of joy on that page. I promise that, with the help of Spirits, the memory of you will be one of success and power; when I look back at you next winter, I will say: I created this, and loved every minute of it.
You are not something that happens to me, because I am not a puppet in the hands of fortuity anymore; you are something that is in my care for 365 days, something that is my responsiblity, my child.
You are welcome. I am very, very glad that you are here.


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