New Group Service: Spiritual Tuning Ritual

We are just human, and very often, we are completely blind to the plan that the Spirits have for us – when we stray from it, no matter how much good intention we have, nothing works. Everything we plan is blocked, we can’t reach opportunities, we don’t meet the right people, and things just slip through our fingers.

And you know what? That is exactly what should happen, because the Spirits know more, and know better, and know farther and further. And they will block every choice you make that is not right for you, because better and bigger things are on the way.

On the other hand, when we are working along the Spirits’ plan, everything flows beautifully, plans work themselves, opportunities and relationships just come to us, and we ATTRACT instead of pursue. This is one of the most powerful of all manifestation laws.

Along with my Spirit Guides, I have developed a new group ritual that will help all participants improve their Spiritual Tuning, so they achieve higher levels of clarity, serenity, decision making, self-awareness, and self-empowerment.

Through this ritual, you will also reach a more powerful level of communication with Ancestors, Spirit Guides, and all Spiritual Allies, so you can be more aware of the messages and signs around you, and make better choices for your future. The better the choices, the more chances of happiness and success, simple as that!

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Welcoming The Year Of The Metal Ox: Feng Shui Basics

The year of the Metal Ox celebrations will begin on the New Moon on February 12, and will end on January 30, 2022. I am a certified Feng Shui practitioner, so I thought it would be the perfect time to re-share an updated version of this article, giving my readers a profound, but clear understading of what it is and how it works, away from oversimplification.

Something that I want to make very clear is that Feng Shui IS NOT about placing Chinese objects around the house, or about copying traditions out of your culture – it’s about the harmony between man and its environment; the natural environment, and the man-made environment. Feng Shui is one of the ways of the Tao, along with other disciplines like Tai Qi, the I Ching divination method, traditional medicine, etc. At its inception, it was created to plan the location and planning of cities, graveyards, and of course private homes; from the macro to the micro, from the practical to the spiritual, as one.

Harmony is the most important concept of Feng Shui, and that is achieved through two ways: first, from utilizing any of the methods or schools of Feng Shui – something that only trained practitioners can do, since this can be extremely complex; and second, by seeking harmony in your own life. This second part is open to everyone, and everyone can benefit from it, no matter which is your culture.

The first enemy of harmony is clutter. No amount of Buddhas, money plants, or I Ching coins will do a thing if you are surrounded by chaos. Actually, all of those can even fuel more chaos in, and make the problem even worse. So, removing clutter, cleaning, and fixing broken lights, appliances, and doors/windows is absolutely paramount.

Chi, or Qi, is the energy that surrounds and flows through everything, animate or inanimate – this is the primordial energy that Feng Shui works with. You must imagine it as water that flows into your space from outside, and behaves like water does: fills from the floor up, drains off through your actual drainage system, and of course, clogs and rots in cluttered and dirty spaces. If there is too much, it drowns you; if there is too little, you feel thirsty and lifeless.

The Qi of your home, and your life’s own Qi, mirror and influence each other. This is an extremely important concept that I often find disappears behind the superficial home decor chat that usually goes with Westerners selling Feng Shui to other Westerners, totally disconnected from the very root of this practise, which as I said is the Tao. Problems who seem stuck in your life will always reflect on your surroundings, and many times, problems in the environment will reflect on your health, your career, and your relationships. This is way more complex than what I can explain in this article, but believe me, it is true.

Qi also flows inside your body, so your health can be greatly affected by good or bad Qi – the Qi of your home, of your workplace, and of your diet. Of course, when I mean diet, I mean food, but also how you spend your time, what you feed your mind, and who you allow to influence your energy. Practising a healthy diet, and a peaceful life away from unnecessary drama, are extremely powerful ways to improve your Qi.

Be wary of anyone selling you Feng Shui who is too focused on making you rich. As I have explained, this is about harmony, and that includes good health, happy relationships, and personal peace and fulfillment. Of course, Feng Shui gives an important place to fortune and prosperity, because happiness is greatly supported on them – but it is not the root of happiness itself. Services which are not fully holistic, and that focus only on the placement of amulets or on home decor, will only declutter your wallet for good!

Note: If you want to read the Tao Te Ching, it’s in the public domain, so it is very easy to find it online. I read it when I was seventeen, and it truly changed my life.


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Spiritual Liberation Ritual, Second Edition!

Once again by customers’ request, I am offering the second edition of the Spiritual Liberation Ritual, which was completely sold out last May. Actually, this ritual was so popular that I had to add more participations, so don’t miss your chance!

Do you feel that, no matter how hard you work, the results never add up? Do you feel like your efforts go down the drain, unnoticed, and never pay off? Do you feel trapped in a life you do not love or enjoy, with not a single chance for improvement? You may be suffering from Spiritual Debt.

Spiritual Debt happens when you have unpaid energy accumulating against you. This problem can have three main causes:

· Promises not paid to Spirits – we have all prayed for things, made promises, and forgotten right after we got what we wanted. It does not necessarily mean that you wanted to take advantage of Spirits – we are just human, our feelings are temporary, and we forget easily. Spirits, on the other hand, never forget. Ever.

· Ancestors’ debt, carried through generations. Again, this does not mean our Ancestors were trying to scam the Spirits – they may have been unable, or not have had enough knowledge on how to fulfill their promise.

· To have been misguided by unscrupulous spiritual workers when dealing with Spirits: receiving fake initiations, being bound to the wrong Spirits, paying for rituals or services that were never performed, not being properly trained to fulfill your offerings or devotions, etc. This is actually the most dangerous kind of spiritual debt, because the pernicious intent of the fake worker is now part of YOUR debt.

In the end, no matter the cause, there is only one solution: fixing that debt. Unless you do, this debt will block your way constantly, will make all your efforts to move forward completely useless, and will turn all your hard work into nothing.

Along with my Spirit Guides, I have developed a ritual called Spiritual Liberation Ritual, intended to repair any spiritual debt, and create a clean slate with Spirits, freeing you from any energetic ties that may be holding you back. This ritual will help you move forward without burdens, and will release you of any energetic baggage, opening the doors to all sorts of blessings and opportunities.

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The Importance Of Self-Empowerment

One of the subjects that I deal with again and again with customers, especially my generation and older, is the difference between being selfish and doing what is better for yourself.

We come from great generational trauma, and we were taught by traumatized people. They taught that putting yourself in the position of a martyr, and not having any sort of healthy boundaries, was THE way to be a decent human being.

Just so, anything that meant keeping boundaries with toxic people and relationships, and doing only what is convenient for your growth and happiness, was to be seen as selfishness, vanity, and separation from the family/society/environment.

And while more often than not there was no ill will in that teaching, just the result of what those people had learnt themselves, we must work very hard to break that chain, for ourselves, and for all future generations. We just cannot carry this anymore, and we cannot burden our children with this trauma anymore.

And yes, we will feel selfish while doing it, because we are going to be breaking great taboos that are completely ingrained in our behaviour; and yes, we will have to carry guilt, and doubt, and pain; but the gift we will be making to the next generations is simply invaluable.

When we teach a new generation to live without guilt of empowering themselves, we cannot even imagine the rewards it will bring to them. Think for a moment where would you be if that had not been taught to you – can you imagine what kind of things you would have achieved, and even more important, what kind of relationships and conflicts would have NOT happened?

I have no doubt that, when I face these issues with my customers, whether if it’s through readings or through spellwork, both their Ancestors and my Ancestors are behind it, rooting for their happiness and success. They have been behind the design of every single group ritual I’ve made this year, and they have brought me back the most joyful moments of the year, as customers share with me their success stories. In such a troubling year as this one, it has truly kept me going.


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Magical Workings: End Of The Year Cleansing Tips

This month is all about preparing for the new year – and a home cleansing is absolutely paramount in our practise, without fail. A dirty, messy home will mirror a dirty, messy year, and will attract dirty, messy relationships into your life. It is also a source for spiritual problems of all kinds, especially parasitic entity activity. Here are the most important tips to make the best cleansing for your home!

· Throw away everything that you don’t want to continue to give attention to for another year. Gifts and pictures from exes, clothes that do not fit any longer (in size or in style), and anything that brings bad memories.

· If you have been holding on to stuff from a deceased family member, it is also time to say goodbye to it, as it can not only bring bad energy into your life, it can also drag the spirit of your loved one down.

Extra Note – be extra careful with good intentions when it comes to these two points, because they are a double edged sword. “I want to donate this” and “I’m keeping this until I find someone who needs it/wants it” are HUGE red flags for hoarding behaviour, and actually are both a burden you are putting on yourself. You are NOT the keeper of anyone’s stuff. Just let go.

· When you clean, pay special attention to spaces under stairs, cupboards, closets, garages, attics, etc – you just cannot cheat energy, and the mess works against you even if it’s not visible. This will manifest on trouble coming from unexpected sources and unadressed situations in the next year.

· Make sure that nothing blocks the way when you move around the house – don’t keep stuff on stairs, hallways, and behind doors. Make sure locks, door handles, and hinges are all working properly. Blocked passages and accesses will manifest as obstacles appearing again and again in the next year.

· Pay great attention to lights – lights should be strong on active areas (entrance, kitchen, offices, study and play rooms, dining rooms, bathroom), and soft on passive areas (bedrooms and any space for relaxing). Make sure all lamps have working bulbs. Lack of proper lighting in the home will manifest as lack of clarity, confusion, and bad choices in the next year.

· Your kitchen is one of the most important centres of energy in the home, and for Feng Shui practitioners, the very symbol of your wealth, so take extra time to address it. Make sure it is clean, free of clutter, and organized to suit your life and needs. A dirty, messy kitchen will manifest as lack of abundance, unexpected expenses, and really all kinds of misfortune, even illness.

Extra Note – if you feel that there are areas in the home that you can’t accomplish on your own before the year ends, don’t do them, but at least plan how you will address them in 2021. Remember that a plan always should have dates and clear goals.

The very plan that you write can act as a sigil; you can dab the paper with a magical oil (like Cleansing Oil, John The Conqueror Oil, Empowerment Oil, or any oil that represents your intention), and that you can write it with green ink to take the work even further. You can even put the paper into a Manifestation Box, and leave it on your altar.

· Once the home has been fully cleaned, I like to start with two simple things: spraying the house, from top to bottom and from back to front, with Blessed Water, and lighting a white candle on every space. Of course, you can bless the water yourself and use tealights. Please keep your candles always on safe spaces!

· The next step would always be to clean all altars – change altar tablecloths, renew candles/incense/water, and dust everything well. Once that is done, you can spray them again with Blessed Water, and light a nice, new white or golden candle on each of them. Light them at least one or two hours every day until the end of January.

Extra Note – if you do not have any altars, or worship any Spirits, choose a couple of special places in your home to light those candles and some form of incense. I would definitely suggest one in the kitchen, and one in the dining room/tv room (wherever the family spends more time together). Love and energy work with or without Spirits!

Once the home and the Spirits have been tended, you can take it further with two very powerful steps:

· Create a floor wash with herbs of empowerment, and wash your floors with it (or spray the home if the floors wan’t be washed) – there are as many options as there are spiritual paths, so I won’t go into detail here, but the wash should always suit your level of magical skill, your ancestral roots, and the herbs you know. Herbs like Rosemary, Lemongrass, Basil, Cinnamon, and Orange tree, are always good choices.

· Create an altar to happiness, empowerment and good fortune in your home. This is a place to express your creativity, and put together symbols of everything that you want to the next year to bring. Again, there are a thousand ways to do this, too many for this post, but here are some suggestions: banknotes and coins (of any kind), seasonal fruits and nuts (I use chestnuts, walnuts, and tangerines, as they all last for several weeks without rotting), Christmas sweets and ornaments (particularly if they mean something special to you, or are inherited), printed images of things you want to accomplish (like a diploma, a driving license, a home’s deed of ownership), and of course candles and incense.

Finally, for an extra push of energy on the new year, get your participation for my Golden Healing Ritual!


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Glamour Magic At The End Of The Year: Magical Tips

End-of-the-year magic is something very important for me – our home gets cleansed, our altars are renewed and decorated, we go through purification and blessing rituals, etc; we do everything we can to make sure that by the time the year is over, we have cleansed ourselves from any form of burden and negativity, and are absolutely ready to receive the blessings of the new year. With this year being such a challenge at all levels, this seems more important than ever!

One of my favourite forms of magic is taking care of my body, infusing every single moment of self-care with the power of glamour magic. Here are some examples of extremely simple beauty treatments that can be used as magical works:

· Anything where the scent of the Rose, or Rose petals, are included, is perfect for those wanting to attract a partner, or to infuse their relationship with passion.

· Want to leave things behind? Exfoliate your skin, and visualize yourself becoming free from negativity.

· Want to attract good fortune? Paint your nails golden. Double point for doing your toes too, so every step you take is blessed.

· Eyeliner (of any kind, liquid or pencil) is the helper of those who want to see into the future, or want better understanding of issues in their life.

· Hair care clears your head – if you are suffering from tiredness, confusions, and lack of clarity, do that hair mask you’ve been saving for a special day.

And remember – YOU are the very embodiment of Divinity, in the shape of a human being. Taking care of your physical body should always be done with love, acceptance, and kindness, in your own terms, and without any sort of judgement.

My upcoming group ritual, the Golden Healing Ritual, will be performed on Friday December 11 – if you want to give yourself an extra dose of magical energy to cleanse yourself before the year ends, and make the best of 2021, don’t miss your chance!


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Moon Eclipse On Gemini, November 29-30 – Prepare Yourself!

· Communication can be stressing. You may feel unable to express what you really think and feel, or to understand what others are trying to express. Be patient, and if you can, keep your interactions light.

· Tempers can flare, so don’t take things personally for a couple of days.

· Resist the urge to take decisions without enough planning. The desire to escape from your current situation will be very strong, but it will disappear just as it came.

· Dreams can be very powerful in the next days, so keep a journal near your bed, and write down any messages you receive.

· Clairaudients and empaths can be extra stressed this week – protect yourself with grounding amulets/jewelry: hematite, garnet, and malachite can help you.


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Presenting The 2021 Tarot Forecast!


It’s just past 10 PM in Tenerife, but here I am to present you something I have been working on for the past ten days non-stop, and that I am very proud of: the 2021 Tarot Forecast.

If you wonder why some people make it seem like personal success is something easy, that they navigate with ease, this is why – because they can foresee the ways that energies move, and work on hitting on the right spots, and nothing else. They don’t waste energy, they don’t exhaust themselves, and they simply shine through life.

This applies not only to prosperous businesses, but also to happy marriages, to spiritual growth, and to personal healing, because success is success, no matter which shape it takes.

And, this is not only about making yourself happy – this is also about making those around you happy, and about benefitting the entire world at all levels, because the more you elevate your consciousness, the closer we all are to reaching the solutions to global transformation.

This Forecast is not just a monthly prediction, because my Tarot work goes much farther than that – this Forecast is a powerful guide for personal success and self-empowerment, guiding you through the energies of each month, so you can make the best of 2021, and transform yourself into the very Master of your future.

And, you can be sure that this is how I have achieved my own success. This is my only secret, and now I am offering it to you. Make it yours!

The Forecast contains:

· One 3-card Tarot reading for each month of the year, describing the energies that will surround us, how to overcome any challenges, and how to work even the most complex situations in your favour;

· A selection of easy but effective magical works recommended to make the most of the energy of each month, and master your own growth, one for each month of the year;

· A selection of personal empowerment mantras, one for each month of the year, that you can use on your journalling, meditation, etc.

· The Five Laws Of Success, according to my experience. Five prompts that you can use in every area of your life, to define and achieve your goals.

And, the best of all it’s that it’s only 15 €! Find it at:


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Canarian Folklore: San Diego Of Alcala’s Feast


This Friday we celebrate one of my favourite saints’ feast: San Diego of Alcalá. A Franciscan lay brother born in the north of the province of Seville (south of the mainland of Spain), known for his kindness and charitable ways, San Diego has a very close relationship with the town where I have lived for the past 38 years, La Laguna, where he has been honoured for over a century with a tradition that is completely unique.
On November 13, his feast, students from high schools and college skip classes, and visit his church. You can see the church in the picture above, which happens to be on an area known for hosting Witch Sabbats (and I mean known for a fact, with historical records).
The tradition states that students must guess the amount of buttons in the cassock the statue wears, but since the statue is very small, and stands on a high pedestal, it is extremely difficult – it is believe that whoever gets it right, will get a special blessing from San Diego, and pass all their exams at the end of that school year. Sorry, but I could not find a picture online of the original statue.
After the visit to the Saint, it is common for the hundreds of students to walk up to the top of La Mesa Mota, a nearby mountain with a flat top that contains a lovely park with a large picnic and grill area. There, the students grill meat and chestnuts, and drink wine until the evening. The hike to the park can be two to three hours long and really steep – not an easy task, I can tell you from my own experience!
November 13 is also a very special day for us because it is our wedding anniversary – we did not choose our wedding day, the city hall does that for you; when we asked for a date, it was the first one available, and we took it right away. Believe what you want, I will always think he chose to bless us with such gift, because of the devotion we both have for him.
So, every November 13 we cook a special meal in his honour, as well as purchasing a bouquet of roses for him, since they are related to one of his most famous miracles: San Diego was giving bread to the poor and was caught by the monks – when the monks, angry at him after having disciplined him several times for the same infraction, asked him to show what he was hiding in his robe, the breads turned into fragrant red roses.



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On Mercury Retrograde


Mercury Retrograde starts today, and stays Retro until November 3. I know I say this every single time, but I’ll say it again for my new social media followers: MR does NOT need to be fixed, nor you need to protect yourself from it. Actually, what you need to do is to listen, and to learn, because these periods are always extremely valuable teachers.
MR makes you look back, to past identities, past relationships, past passions, and every part of yourself that you have left behind. Do it, because there might be great treasures and important lessons there, but do it as the person you are TODAY.
I’m sure you all know Albert Einstein’s quote “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”, and I think it serves this situation very well. When the past is brought back to you, it is so you can learn new things, not so you can repeat a mistake that you have already made.
Reflect on how those identities, those relationships and those passions changed you, and focus on the lessons they have taught you. That is exactly what MR wants to give you – new insights on yourself, that you can use to empower yourself, and make better decisions for a better you, and a better future.
And please, stop believing that MR is your enemy, or your excuse to blame it for your own mistakes. Stay away from those who are trying to sell you MR “fixes” or “protections”, because if you don’t face it like it is, you will only be self-sabotaging you, and the lesson will be waiting for you again when the next MR arrives.


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