An Altar To You

May is a month filled with the power to increase your beauty, sensuality and personal magnetism. One of the most effective and creative ways to make use of this power is to create an altar to yourself. Here are some tips:

Find a favourite space in your home, and an hour where you won’t be disturbed during your self-empowerment work. Usually these are made in the bedroom, but you should always choose whatever works for you, even if that means outdoors.

Choose a red, pink, or orange candle, preferably one large enough that can be lit for an hour every day during the whole month. If you have magical oils that are related to self-love, beauty, self-empowerment, etc., use them to anoint your candle; if not, you can use any perfumed oil of your choice.

Herbs and flowers that are meaningful to you are a wonderful addition to this kind of altar, especially if they have strong, sensual scents. Roses, Jasmine, and Spikenards are just perfect; just remember to keep them fresh, and remove them before they spoil.

Incense (or perfume in any form) is another powerful element for this altar; again, scents like Sandalwood, Patchouli, Coconut, and Cinnamon are good choices.

If you want to, you can add anything that reminds you of your own well-being; your favourite photo of yourself, your most expensive beauty routine products, empowering/inspiring books you never have the time to read, your favourite records, a tray with the elements needed to drink that special tea you never use, etc.

Every day, for at least an hour, sit in front of your altar and do something only for your own good. Choose a different activity every day according to your needs, and above all, enjoy yourself.

And remember – this hour is NOT for the Spirits, it’s NOT for your problems, it’s NOT for the phone/computer, and it’s NOT for being productive/asking for/manifesting anything. Needless to say, this altar does not need any statues or religious symbols of any kind, unless you are adding a statue of your beautiful self :).

This hour is about devotion to yourself, about caring for your immediate needs as they change daily, and about paying attention to nothing but you for one hour a day. Also, it is about asking yourself every day “What is beauty to me, what is sensuality, what is personal power?”


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