My name is Carolina Gonzalez, and I am a Spiritual Master. Empowering, inspiring, and healing people is my profession, my vocation, and my life’s work.

I perform Spiritual Guidance, Tarot Readings, Spellwork, and Spiritual Services for my customers all over the world. I was born with an unbreakable connection to the world of Spirits, and blessed with a very open-minded family which allowed me to explore my spirituality since a very early age.

I take great pride in the exquisiteness of the materials I use for the rituals I perform for my customers; my home is a sacred temple devoted to the worship of Spirits, including a roof garden in which I grow 90% of the herbs I use.

Skills And Education:

· Traditional Curandera and Bruja, in the tradition of the Canary Islands.

· Rightfully initiated Espiritista, in the Venezuelan tradition of the worship of Maria Lionza and the 21 Courts of Spirits.

· Expert Tarot Reader.

· Reiki Master (Dr. Mikao Usui Lineage)

· Ordained Minister with the Universal Life Church.

· Certified Wellness Counsellor.

· Expert herbalist, specialized in endemic medicinal herbs of the Canary Islands, the North of Africa, and the Mediterranean.

· Certified Feng Shui Expert.







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