Preparing For The Success 2022 Ritual: Magical Tips

On December 17, I will be performing the last group ritual of the year, the Success 2022 Ritual. This ritual is focused on providing a powerful energy push on the most important areas of your life, to make the best of the year to come, and to recharge you with the highest magical vibration.

For those who are participating, here are some tips on improving your energy before that date comes – these are not mandatory, of course, but the better the starting point when the ritual is performed, the better the results you will get from it!

· Clean your home. Pay special attention to the kitchen, hallways, around the entrance door, and on hidden spaces like attics, cellars, and under-the-stairs cupboards. Clutter generates, attracts, and multiplies negativity. If you are physically unable of doing it yourself, investing in hiring someone to help you would be very wise.

· Once the house is clean, keep energy flowing with things that raise the vibration around you: music, water fountains, candles and incenses/perfumes, gemstones, chimes, etc. It’s not only about having them around; it’s about using them every day, and about keeping them well cared for.

· If you have made promises to Spirits/Deities/Ancestors, now it is the time to make them happen. If you are not going to be able to keep your promises for whatever reason, at least make a decent offering so the Spirits know that you have not forgotten.

· It’s good to be charitable, but don’t forget that you are the person that you have to take care of before anyone else. Remember that you always get more of what you do; if you are always giving, you only get takers. Love yourself, so the Universe sends even more love your way.

Of course, feel free to share, and don’t forget to get your participation for the Success 2022 Ritual!


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