Reaching The End Of The (Magical) Year

As the end of the year arrives, we enter one of the busiest times of our entire magical calendar; end of the year cleanses, offerings, and preparations take most of our time. This follows a very simple principle that both my Padrino and Madrina taught: that the more diligent you are this month, the more you will reap during the whole next year.

December sets the foundation of energy on which you will stand for the next eleven months, so the cleansing of energy at your home, your body, and your temple is the first task, and in my opinion, the most important.

Energetic debris, and above all, parasitic entities, can hold great power over our decisions, our mood, and our relationships; they make us make the wrong choices, want the wrong things, and say the wrong words to each other.

They grow into separation, self-destruction, and dead-end streets in our life – there is nothing a parasitic entity will enjoy more than a lonely, self-destructive, stuck victim that has no help coming from any side, so they can prey and feast on their energy until nothing is left.

Just so, the weight of other people’s jealousy and negativity can be very heavy, especially for those of us who have public lives – I always see this as a coat of tar around the person’s aura, trapping them and blinding them; it is a very bitter truth, but few people are truly happy for you, and few people want you to succeed.

Whatever you do to keep this away – ritual cleansings, spiritual baths, smoke fumigations, burning incense, spraying or washing your home – is worth the effort. And don’t forget that all this has a limit; many times, you will need to contact a spiritual worker and just have exorcism/cleansing/hex-breaking done to make sure you are truly free from negativity.


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