Your Spiritual Currency

When I work for you, I am providing many things; connection to the Spirit realm, experience, the best materials money can buy, and such. But, there is one thing that I cannot provide for you, and that is just as important as any other ingredient in the spell: and that is faith.

Your faith in the Spirits is the most important power that you own – and it is a necessary one for the spell to work. Spirits will not allow being used; the money you pay is for the earthly part of the deal, but you cannot just *buy* the Spirits, no matter how much money you have.

Your faith is your currency, and just as there are certain requirements for currency to be legal, your faith has to be true, and it has to be strong, for the spell to work.

And remember: having faith does not mean believing in something’s existence. That is a given when it comes to spiritual work, and it is no merit at all to believe in what is already in front of you.

Having faith means believing that once you have presented your problem to the Spirits, whatever is happening, is happening for your highest good. That Spirits know better than you, and see further and farther than you.

Having faith is surrendering the outcome willingly, and stopping trying to control the future. Having faith is letting THEM direct the course, and following it with gratefulness.


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