Preparing For The Mano Poderosa Ritual

With every new group ritual, I like providing magical tips that participants can use to take the ritual even further, align with its energy, and make the best of it. It is a wonderful way to practise and grow your own magic, and become a better practitioner, while leaving the heavy work to the professional.

On Friday September 10, I will be performing the Mano Poderosa ritual, focused on protection, empowerment, and personal success – if you are participating, the tips below are highly recommended. And remember, this is never an obligation, especially if you are busy, chronically ill, or have family in your care!

· Doing a smoke cleansing (or a floor wash if you are sensitive to smoke) of your entire home is a wonderful start. Pay special attention to doors, windows, dark or unused spaces, and cluttered areas.

· For the same reasons, a cleansing spiritual bath is also recommended. Fresh rosemary, coconut (both flesh and water), lemon rind, and salt, is always a winning combination.

· If you have specific altars related to protection, wards over your home, or tools or ornaments that represent protection, it is time to care for them, cleanse them and recharge them.

· If you don’t have any of the above, it may be time to create some. This is not mandatory for the ritual to work, but if the energy of the ritual has a physical element to hold on to, its effect will definitely be more lasting.

· Some magical elements with great protection energy are: iron, holy water, salt, gold, rosemary, rue, wormwood, garlic, chalk, grain alcohol, red string or ribbon, and obsidian.

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