Ancestor Season, Part 3: A Recipe For Ancestor Incense

The purposes of this incense are:

a) to cleanse your space and yourself from negative entities;

b) to open communication and energy channels between you and your Ancestors;

c) to help your Ancestors by empowering them and elevating them.

This incense can be powdered and used on a charcoal, or a tea can be made from it, to be used in a spray around the home, or upon yourself. This is a very useful option for those of you who are sensitive to smoke, live with people who are not accepting of your practise, or live in shared homes/dorms where you can’t burn incense.

I have created a recipe with ingredients that are easy to find in the supermarket, so those readers who do not have large apothecaries can make it too. Of course, feel free to add any ingredients that are meaningful to you, as long as the purpose of the mixture is not interfered. If you are unsure, just leave the recipe as it is, it will work just fine!

The ingredients are:

· Dry orange rind.

· Dry Chamomile flowers.

· Dry Rose petals.

· Powdered Coffee.

· Honey.

Mix equal parts of each ingredient, while you concentrate as much as you can on your love for your Ancestors, and charge the mixture with your feeling. If you want to do this in front of a picture of your family, or play music that was meaningful to them, even better – the stronger the emotion, the stronger the charge.

Allow the mixture to blend in a jar in your altar for a few days, so the scents blend and improve. After a few days, you can take about half a teaspoon, and place it over a lit charcoal (once it turns white, so you are sure it is as hot as it can be), or use a full spoon to make tea for your spray.

The incense or spray should be passed through every room in your home, preferably from the farthest room towards the entrance door, paying extra attention to dark and unused spaces, spaces under stairs, behind doors, walk-in closets, and any other space where energy may be stagnant.

Of course, feel free to share, and check parts I and II of this post on this blog ❤.


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Ancestor Season, Part 2: Spirits Of The Land

October is also a good time to connect with the Spirits of the Land, since these entities are also part of your spiritual family. If you want to make offerings, do your research so they are not toxic to the local fauna, and do not leave any traces of your rituals.

Things like chocolate can kill many animals, not to mention candle wax, chalk, and other magical products. Offerings like bread/cakes, cheese/milk, honey, birdseed, nuts, and fruits or vegetables are always safe options.

Something that everyone can do when visiting Nature, and that the Spirits of the place will definitely appreciate, is that you clean the area where you are working/celebrating – and I mean cleaning trash that you didn’t leave there. The Spirits are watching, the Spirits notice, and the Spirits will (sometimes) return the favour.

Depending on where you live in the world, you can do some very special wildharvesting this month – if it’s too late for fruits or herbs, think woods for carving charms or dolls, water from wells and streams, or even a beautiful rock. Remember to be extremely respectful, ask for permission, and always give as much as you take.

I do not want to end this article without saying what I think is the most important piece of advice I can give:

Never forget that the place is not yours; you are of the place.

You are not there to be heard; you are there to listen, to watch, and to learn.

Spirits don’t owe you a single thing; be a humble friend if you want to truly see what is there to see.


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Ancestor Season, Part 1: Preparing Your Home

October is nearly here, and Ancestor season comes with it – I don’t know about you, but for me, this is one of the most exciting times of the year.

In the Canary Islands, we celebrate the Noche De Ánimas (Night Of The Souls) on the 31st, and of course, the whole month is devoted to our beloved Ancestors. Here are some tips on preparing your home for this very special month:

Remember that this is about family, first of all. Your general standards should be the same as if you were receiving your family at home, and treating them like royalty. I cannot stress how important this is!

After the house is up to your standards, focus on cleansing stagnant energy – you can use any herb or resin for smoke fumigations, and if you are sensitive to smoke, use a perfumed spray; for cleansing, scents like Pine and Rosemary are just perfect, and easy to find.

After cleansing, it is time for charging and inviting – for this, you will set the Ancestor altar to your liking and tradition, light candles, and again use herbs or resins to invite your Ancestors in. Scents like cinnamon, orange, apple, and sandalwood will fill your home with warmth.

This cycle of cleansing and charging should be done once a week for optimum results; by the time the Noche De Ánimas comes, your home’s energy will be glistening like a diamond!

One last tip: any food or beverage offerings left in your altar should not stay there more than a couple of days, and flowers should also be checked regularly, so the water in the vases doesn’t develop any smell. A dusty, smelly altar with dry food is something extremely disrespectful.

Part II of this post coming in a couple of days – as always, feel free to share ❤!


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Textile Arts And Magic: Free Patterns

Embroidery, as all the arts traditionally carried through folklore and cultural heritage, contains a great amount of magic, symbolism, and references to spiritual entities and deities related to the culture they represent.

As if that was not enough, the very practise of any of these arts is a form of meditation and a source of wellness in itself, as it allows us to focus, be present, and clear our busy minds of clutter. In a time like the one we are all living now, this is more important than ever. To stop scrolling or cheking the news, and to sit with your art for an hour, is a blessing beyond measure, and a tool for deep healing like no other.

The patterns in this post were all designed by me a few years ago, and are perfect for beginner embroiderers. Cross stitch is very easy to learn, the materials are affordable, and can be done almost everywhere. It is the perfect first step to move on onto other types of embroidery.

Please feel free to download them and use them (personal use only, of course), and if you want to post your work online, I would be very grateful if you mention @carolinastextileart, the IG account where I post my needlework.


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Preparing For The Mano Poderosa Ritual

With every new group ritual, I like providing magical tips that participants can use to take the ritual even further, align with its energy, and make the best of it. It is a wonderful way to practise and grow your own magic, and become a better practitioner, while leaving the heavy work to the professional.

On Friday September 10, I will be performing the Mano Poderosa ritual, focused on protection, empowerment, and personal success – if you are participating, the tips below are highly recommended. And remember, this is never an obligation, especially if you are busy, chronically ill, or have family in your care!

· Doing a smoke cleansing (or a floor wash if you are sensitive to smoke) of your entire home is a wonderful start. Pay special attention to doors, windows, dark or unused spaces, and cluttered areas.

· For the same reasons, a cleansing spiritual bath is also recommended. Fresh rosemary, coconut (both flesh and water), lemon rind, and salt, is always a winning combination.

· If you have specific altars related to protection, wards over your home, or tools or ornaments that represent protection, it is time to care for them, cleanse them and recharge them.

· If you don’t have any of the above, it may be time to create some. This is not mandatory for the ritual to work, but if the energy of the ritual has a physical element to hold on to, its effect will definitely be more lasting.

· Some magical elements with great protection energy are: iron, holy water, salt, gold, rosemary, rue, wormwood, garlic, chalk, grain alcohol, red string or ribbon, and obsidian.

Get your participation for the Mano Poderosa Ritual at:


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Your Spiritual Currency

When I work for you, I am providing many things; connection to the Spirit realm, experience, the best materials money can buy, and such. But, there is one thing that I cannot provide for you, and that is just as important as any other ingredient in the spell: and that is faith.

Your faith in the Spirits is the most important power that you own – and it is a necessary one for the spell to work. Spirits will not allow being used; the money you pay is for the earthly part of the deal, but you cannot just *buy* the Spirits, no matter how much money you have.

Your faith is your currency, and just as there are certain requirements for currency to be legal, your faith has to be true, and it has to be strong, for the spell to work.

And remember: having faith does not mean believing in something’s existence. That is a given when it comes to spiritual work, and it is no merit at all to believe in what is already in front of you.

Having faith means believing that once you have presented your problem to the Spirits, whatever is happening, is happening for your highest good. That Spirits know better than you, and see further and farther than you.

Having faith is surrendering the outcome willingly, and stopping trying to control the future. Having faith is letting THEM direct the course, and following it with gratefulness.


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August 15, Feast Of Chaxiraxi

On Sunday 15, our islands will be celebrating the feast of Our Lady Of Candelaria, patroness of the whole archipielago. Our Lady is the Catholic syncretization of Chaxiraxi, the Guanche Mother Goddess, and one of the Black Madonnas of Spain.

Her main church (the Basilica), built on the city that bears her name, is placed on the exact same area where she was worshipped by the Guanches. This celebration happened at the end of August’s harvest festival, the Beñesmer, which usually coincides with the Perseid Meteor Showers, and other important astronomical events.

While this year, because of Covid-related restrictions, pilgrimage has been forbidden and the church will remain closed, on regular years people walk all through the night of the 14th through several traditional routes, to reach her sanctuary on the dawn of the 15th. Pilgrims also come from other islands, from mainland Spain, and even from other countries.

Along the entire day, there are parades, reconstructions of Guanche history and customs, and of course lots of partying, dancing, drinking, and eating, all in her honour. This is not a small celebration – the regular estimate of pilgrims is between 100.000 (one hundred thousand) to 150.000 (one hundred and fifty thousand) people!!!

I worship Chaxiraxi every single day of my life, as the main Goddess in my altar, and as one of the faces of pre-islamic Goddess Allat, mother of all North Africans – crowds are not for me, so I don’t participate in this event, but of course, this weekend we will be making special offerings to her at home, and showing her how much we love her!

In the pic, her statue at the Basilica, taken last year. Isn’t she gorgeous?


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How Does Spiritual Trauma Affect You?

How does spiritual trauma affect you?

If the trauma has a supernatural origin, Susto can manifest as nightmares, visions of unfriendly ghosts, feeling of being watched, apparitions during episodes of sleep paralysis, etc.

If the trauma has a natural origin, Susto can manifest as extreme tiredness, muscle pain, headaches, blurry vision, insomnia, panic attacks, lack of appetite, etc. The symptoms, of course, have no physiological origin, and usually come and go without reason.

A third way Susto can manifest is what most people call a “bout of bad luck” – small accidents without reason, job loss, constant fighting with members of the household, obstacles at every turn, inability to focus on tasks, sudden breakdown of appliances and vehicles, etc – all happening is a short period of time.

Susto, at first, may not be as dangerous as the effects of a curse, but ignoring it is the worst thing you could do. I have seen Susto mark the beginning of extremely complex situations, as any mixture of these symptoms can easily and quickly snowball into very, very serious consequences; prolongued and serious physical and mental illness, all kind of addictions, homelessness, and of course spiritual haunting at all levels.

That is why the Susto ritual was created – to prevent trauma from going further, and ruining your life. To participate in the group ritual I will be offering on Friday 20th, just visit my website!


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You Are The Source

We begin a new cycle until July 30, when the 8th edition of the Fortuna Ritual will be performed, and as with every Service, my posts will be centered on the subject of the ritual – so, let’s talk about Money Magic!

When it comes to Money Magic, spellwork is not a magical solution (no pun intended), an excuse to be passive about your own life. If this is how you see it, you will never get anything out of it, no matter how much money you spend on it, no matter how powerful your spiritual worker is.

Think of Money Magic as you would think of an ally. Spellwork is there to help, to propitiate, to empower; not to put things on your lap while you do nothing for yourself. Magic creates an environment in which things can grow, protects you from the enemies of that growth, and gives you the strength to work through obstacles – but does not treat you like a poppet.

Being financially literate is your job, not the job of Money Magic. If you are actively working on your projects, your business, your goals, then you will be aligning perfectly with the energy of Money Magic, and opportunities to accomplish those goals will present themselves.

Let me say this again, because I think it needs to: when done by a professional, experienced spellworker, there is no spell that brings no results, there are only aligned or misaligned customers. Whether if you are ready to align with those results or not, that is up to YOU.

Magic puts you in the center. Magic makes you the source. Magic forces you to take action, to take control, to be fully accountable. Work hard, leave the magical procedures to a competent professional, and watch yourself bloom!

Join me on July 30 at:


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Manifestation Magic Tips

Every month, I try to match most of the posts to the intention of the upcoming group ritual, so new topics are discussed, and so participants can make the best of the energy that builds along, as I prepare the entire process.

This month’s theme is manifestation, as my next group ritual is the first edition of the Vibration Booster, a ritual focused on empowering and elevating your vibrational level – so, here are my favourite manifestation tips.

· Manifesting material goods is totally ok – when it comes to manifestation magic, being a puritan is not the way to go. Yes, the true goal of manifestation is reaching a heightened level of awareness, but if paying the bills is more urgent, then focus on that. Neither the Universe, nor the Spirits, are going to blame you for being poor, because there is nothing wrong with abundance, nor with enjoying it.

· Being grateful and passionate about our manifestation speeds results. Love is the greatest magic of all, its vehicle is our awareness, and our heart the catalyst of all transformation. Let the magic reach you, without criticism or cynicism.

· Understanding how much of our experience is created by our self-image is extremely important, and the root of all accountability. We cannot overcome our shortcomings unless we realize how often we are enabling ourselves into our worst habits.

· Manifesting is not asking for things to the future, and then waiting for them to happen. Manifestation is sovereignty over reality, and that requires a level of total responsibility. Better said, TOTAL RESPONSIBILITY.

· When it comes to creating something, there is no useless tool – traditional magic, non-traditional magic, affirmations, subliminals, listening to audiobooks or talks, meditation, martial arts… everything is there to help you. Use it all, and use it non-stop until you have reached your goal. And even beyond.

Of course, feel free to share, and if you want to participate in the Vibration Booster Ritual, and empower your manifestation skills, you can do so at:


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