Preparing For The Success 2022 Ritual: Magical Tips

On December 17, I will be performing the last group ritual of the year, the Success 2022 Ritual. This ritual is focused on providing a powerful energy push on the most important areas of your life, to make the best of the year to come, and to recharge you with the highest magical vibration.

For those who are participating, here are some tips on improving your energy before that date comes – these are not mandatory, of course, but the better the starting point when the ritual is performed, the better the results you will get from it!

· Clean your home. Pay special attention to the kitchen, hallways, around the entrance door, and on hidden spaces like attics, cellars, and under-the-stairs cupboards. Clutter generates, attracts, and multiplies negativity. If you are physically unable of doing it yourself, investing in hiring someone to help you would be very wise.

· Once the house is clean, keep energy flowing with things that raise the vibration around you: music, water fountains, candles and incenses/perfumes, gemstones, chimes, etc. It’s not only about having them around; it’s about using them every day, and about keeping them well cared for.

· If you have made promises to Spirits/Deities/Ancestors, now it is the time to make them happen. If you are not going to be able to keep your promises for whatever reason, at least make a decent offering so the Spirits know that you have not forgotten.

· It’s good to be charitable, but don’t forget that you are the person that you have to take care of before anyone else. Remember that you always get more of what you do; if you are always giving, you only get takers. Love yourself, so the Universe sends even more love your way.

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Success 2022 Ritual: Participations Available!

During the past month, I offered a completely new ritual to a select group of customers, focused on bringing success over every area of your life during the entire next year: finances, health, love, protection, empowerment, spiritual growth, road opening, and everything you need to make 2022 a year to celebrate. After the two past years, who does not need that?

After the entire group accepted the offer (and kept me extra busy for several weeks!), I have adapted the prayers and elements of the ritual to a group version. The purpose of this is to allow all customers who cannot afford more expensive rituals to join, and participate in the many blessings that this ceremony will bring. This will be the last group ritual of the year, and I am planning to make it as special as it can be!

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On Divination, And Doing What You Are Told To Do

One of the things I find time and time again in readings for customers, is the conflict between our need to control our own destiny, and the need to allow our Cuadro Espiritual to guide it.

I have suffered this conflict myself, for many years – so you can believe me when I say I do not judge those who feel it too. When you are left on your own, to take care of yourself alone, there is no other option but to be the masters of our own lives, or allow ourselves to drown. Actually, to be extremely independent can be a sign of trauma and PTSD.

When the Spirits come into your life, and very strongly for those initiated into the religions of the African Diaspora, the first lesson you ever learn is to surrender control, and accept that once you belong to a Spiritual lineage, your life will be shaken up from top to bottom.

As I said, this was extremely difficult for me – and not only because of trauma, but also because I am a child of Exu. For those who do not know, that means having an extremely unruly character, that will not take directions easily, and that can be the most stubborn person when it comes to having their world dictated by others.

The Spirits were very kind, and I was blessed with really gentle Padrinos, who understood me, and never tried to break me or subdue me. And, with enough years in the religion, I started learning the most difficult lesson I ever had to learn – that I could trust the direction of Spirits at every point in my life.

That I was truly being guided to the best situation I could be in. That there was learning and improving behind most situations in my life. And, above all lessons, the one that truly rips you apart: that you are perfect as you are, divine as you are, that you are loved beyond measure, and that this life is only a step into Divine Love Consciousness.

Our divination is not entertainment, it is a sacrament; it is supposed to be followed to the letter, and treated as a privilege that you receive from the priests and priestesses who are your elders. You don’t go around checking diviners until you get the answer you want; you always go to the same person, and when the Spirits talk to you through them, you listen, and you do as you are told to do.

You don’t even ask yourself if you agree, because you have learnt your lesson, you already know how loved you are, and you have seen time after time how their advice is the truth and the knowledge you need. Those who understand this lesson, own a tremendous advantage towards their own happiness.


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Hiring A Spiritual Worker: How To Choose The Best

Hiring a spiritual worker to perform spellwork for you is something that can truly change your life – for good and bad. If the spiritual worker is skilled, you can achieve blessings, protection, growth, and everything that magic has to offer; if the worker is a fraud, you could be facing a nightmare.

So, how do you tell one from another? Of course, I cannot speak for other workers, so I am going to post only things that apply to my own work; but speaking in general terms, this should be a good guideline of what to expect from any professional spiritual worker:

· I have done every type of spell, ever. I have done literally thousands of spells. Between my professional and my private practise, I do this 365 days a year. My experience is unmatched, and there is hardly a situation that I have not worked before.

· I work constantly to provide the best materials that money can buy. I grow most of my own herbs, I wildharvest those that I can’t grow myself, and all other elements used in my work are carefully sourced for the best quality. Absolutely no step of your work is left to chance.

· I prove my commitment to the Spirits regularly, by showing what I am allowed to show, and by teaching constantly on my social media posts. It is not hard to see that I know what I am talking about.

· Magic is something completely real, and extremely serious for me. The fact that I don’t sell initiations, promise miracles, or sugarcoat situations, should tell you a lot.

· I will treat your situation with the importance it deserves. I respect and appreciate you more than anything – because of this, I will not tell you what you want to hear, I will not enable you, and I will not feed unhealthy behaviours. I will root for your happiness as much as it is possible, I will believe in your right to happiness like no-one else, and I will not stop working for you, EVER. Because you deserve it, all of it.

Of course, feel free to share ❤❤❤!


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Fortuna Ritual: MORE Money Magic Tips

On October 22, the 9th edition of the Fortuna Ritual will be performed; whether if you are participating or not, here is one of my favourite posts about how Money Magic works, and how to make it work for you!

When it comes to Money Magic, spellwork is not a magical solution (no pun intended), or an excuse to be passive about your own life. If this is how you see it, you will never get anything out of it, no matter how much money you spend on it, no matter how powerful your spiritual worker is.

Think of Money Magic as you would think of an ally. Spellwork is there to help, to propitiate, to empower; not to put things on your lap while you do nothing for yourself. Magic creates an environment in which things can grow, protects you from the enemies of that growth, and gives you the strength to work through obstacles – but does not treat you like a poppet.

Being financially literate is your job, not the job of Money Magic. If you are actively working on your projects, your business, your goals, then you will be aligning perfectly with the energy of Money Magic, and opportunities to accomplish those goals will present themselves.

Let me say this again, because I think it needs to: when done by a professional, experienced spellworker, there is no spell that brings no results, there are only aligned or misaligned customers. Whether if you are ready to align with those results or not, that is up to YOU.

Magic puts you in the center. Magic makes you the source. Magic forces you to take action, to take control, to be fully accountable. Work hard, leave the magical procedures to a competent professional, and watch yourself bloom!

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Preparing For The Upcoming Fortuna Ritual: Money Magic Tips

This month, coinciding with the upcoming Fortuna Ritual on October 22, the main theme of my social media posts is Money Magic – so, here are five tips to add some extra power to your financial mojo.

1: Get a Basil plant, and put a piece of pyrite or peridot, and three golden coins in the soil, to create a living money drawing talisman. Place it where it will receive lots of sunlight and warmth, and take good care of it!

2: Make a cinnamon and orange peel infusion, the more concentrated the better, and use it as a money drawing spray for your business. Remember it can stain fabrics, so be careful how you spray. Pay extra attention to doors, windows, and thresholds.

3: Citric scents like lemon, orange, tangerine, lemongrass, lemon verbena, and lemon balm, are all wonderful money drawing perfumes. You can easily get an essential oil of any of them, or make a mixture of several, and use it on yourself, on your banknotes, on your wallet/purse, on your cash register, and on the entrance door to your business.

4: Money magic is pure fluidity – so, when it comes to your business (even if it’s a home business), make sure that there are no blocked/cluttered areas, whether if customers see them or not, and yes, it applies even to your computer! Think of energy as if it was water – if it can’t flow freely through clean spaces, it becomes stagnant and can make you really sick.

5: Get a reputed, experienced spiritual worker to work for you! That is never an expense, but a very, very wise investment. Very often, we need energy coming from outside to unblock our path – and by the way, have you got your participation for the upcoming Fortuna Ritual???


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Ancestor Season, Part 4: Honouring Your Heritage

This is a very powerful time to honour your heritage. Every time you do something that connects to their memory, you are directly sending them your energy, and that empowers them and elevates them. Now that the connection is closer than in any other time of the year, this works even more powerfully!

Crafts like sewing, spinning, knitting, cooking, are always a wonderful choice when it comes to honour your Ancestors. It does not matter if you are just a beginner – what matters is that it is done with loving intention. It’s a perfect time to learn a new craft.

Dancing, singing, and playing music is something that all Spirits love – the vibration it generates goes straight to them. Folk music is perfect, of course, but it does not need to be, it can be music of any kind that your Ancestors enjoyed.

Creating a photo album, physical or digital, or scanning that old box of pictures, is also a wonderful energizing activity this month, especially if you share it with younger generations.

Connect with your own childhood, and the things you enjoyed then. A favourite book or movie can be revisited, and any tradition recreated – again, its energy is multiplied if you share it with the young in your family.

Please notice that in both previous points, when I mean the young, I don’t necessarily mean children, but anyone who is younger than you! Actually, they may be more open to listen and participate in traditions than children – I am 45, and I love learning new things about my Ancestors from the elders around me.

And finally – think of the kind of Ancestor YOU would like to be. What would you like to be remembered for? What memory of you do you want to leave, what message? Is your life today a reflection of that message, and if not, what can you do to change it? Consider the idea of starting a journal this month, that your descendants can read when you have moved on to join your Ancestors.


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Ancestor Season, Part 3: A Recipe For Ancestor Incense

The purposes of this incense are:

a) to cleanse your space and yourself from negative entities;

b) to open communication and energy channels between you and your Ancestors;

c) to help your Ancestors by empowering them and elevating them.

This incense can be powdered and used on a charcoal, or a tea can be made from it, to be used in a spray around the home, or upon yourself. This is a very useful option for those of you who are sensitive to smoke, live with people who are not accepting of your practise, or live in shared homes/dorms where you can’t burn incense.

I have created a recipe with ingredients that are easy to find in the supermarket, so those readers who do not have large apothecaries can make it too. Of course, feel free to add any ingredients that are meaningful to you, as long as the purpose of the mixture is not interfered. If you are unsure, just leave the recipe as it is, it will work just fine!

The ingredients are:

· Dry orange rind.

· Dry Chamomile flowers.

· Dry Rose petals.

· Powdered Coffee.

· Honey.

Mix equal parts of each ingredient, while you concentrate as much as you can on your love for your Ancestors, and charge the mixture with your feeling. If you want to do this in front of a picture of your family, or play music that was meaningful to them, even better – the stronger the emotion, the stronger the charge.

Allow the mixture to blend in a jar in your altar for a few days, so the scents blend and improve. After a few days, you can take about half a teaspoon, and place it over a lit charcoal (once it turns white, so you are sure it is as hot as it can be), or use a full spoon to make tea for your spray.

The incense or spray should be passed through every room in your home, preferably from the farthest room towards the entrance door, paying extra attention to dark and unused spaces, spaces under stairs, behind doors, walk-in closets, and any other space where energy may be stagnant.

Of course, feel free to share, and check parts I and II of this post on this blog ❤.


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Ancestor Season, Part 2: Spirits Of The Land

October is also a good time to connect with the Spirits of the Land, since these entities are also part of your spiritual family. If you want to make offerings, do your research so they are not toxic to the local fauna, and do not leave any traces of your rituals.

Things like chocolate can kill many animals, not to mention candle wax, chalk, and other magical products. Offerings like bread/cakes, cheese/milk, honey, birdseed, nuts, and fruits or vegetables are always safe options.

Something that everyone can do when visiting Nature, and that the Spirits of the place will definitely appreciate, is that you clean the area where you are working/celebrating – and I mean cleaning trash that you didn’t leave there. The Spirits are watching, the Spirits notice, and the Spirits will (sometimes) return the favour.

Depending on where you live in the world, you can do some very special wildharvesting this month – if it’s too late for fruits or herbs, think woods for carving charms or dolls, water from wells and streams, or even a beautiful rock. Remember to be extremely respectful, ask for permission, and always give as much as you take.

I do not want to end this article without saying what I think is the most important piece of advice I can give:

Never forget that the place is not yours; you are of the place.

You are not there to be heard; you are there to listen, to watch, and to learn.

Spirits don’t owe you a single thing; be a humble friend if you want to truly see what is there to see.


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Ancestor Season, Part 1: Preparing Your Home

October is nearly here, and Ancestor season comes with it – I don’t know about you, but for me, this is one of the most exciting times of the year.

In the Canary Islands, we celebrate the Noche De Ánimas (Night Of The Souls) on the 31st, and of course, the whole month is devoted to our beloved Ancestors. Here are some tips on preparing your home for this very special month:

Remember that this is about family, first of all. Your general standards should be the same as if you were receiving your family at home, and treating them like royalty. I cannot stress how important this is!

After the house is up to your standards, focus on cleansing stagnant energy – you can use any herb or resin for smoke fumigations, and if you are sensitive to smoke, use a perfumed spray; for cleansing, scents like Pine and Rosemary are just perfect, and easy to find.

After cleansing, it is time for charging and inviting – for this, you will set the Ancestor altar to your liking and tradition, light candles, and again use herbs or resins to invite your Ancestors in. Scents like cinnamon, orange, apple, and sandalwood will fill your home with warmth.

This cycle of cleansing and charging should be done once a week for optimum results; by the time the Noche De Ánimas comes, your home’s energy will be glistening like a diamond!

One last tip: any food or beverage offerings left in your altar should not stay there more than a couple of days, and flowers should also be checked regularly, so the water in the vases doesn’t develop any smell. A dusty, smelly altar with dry food is something extremely disrespectful.

Part II of this post coming in a couple of days – as always, feel free to share ❤!


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