Spiritual Liberation Ritual, 3rd Edition: June 24

On June 24, Saint John’s Feast, I am offering the third edition of the Spiritual Liberation Ritual, which was completely sold out on the previous two editions. Actually, this ritual was so popular that I had to add more participations both times, so don’t miss your chance!

Do you feel that, no matter how hard you work, the results never add up? Do you feel like your efforts go down the drain, unnoticed, and never pay off? Do you feel trapped in a life you do not love or enjoy, with not a single chance for improvement? You may be suffering from Spiritual Debt.

Spiritual Debt happens when you have unpaid energy accumulating against you. This problem can have three main causes:

· Promises not paid to Spirits – we have all prayed for things, made promises, and forgotten right after we got what we wanted. It does not necessarily mean that you wanted to take advantage of Spirits – we are just human, our feelings are temporary, and we forget easily. Spirits, on the other hand, never forget. Ever.

· Ancestors’ debt, carried through generations. Again, this does not mean our Ancestors were trying to scam the Spirits – they may have been unable, or not have had enough knowledge on how to fulfill their promise.

· To have been misguided by unscrupulous spiritual workers when dealing with Spirits: receiving fake initiations, being bound to the wrong Spirits, paying for rituals or services that were never performed, not being properly trained to fulfill your offerings and devotions, etc. This is actually the most dangerous kind of spiritual debt, because the pernicious intent of the fake worker is now part of YOUR debt.

In the end, no matter the cause, there is only one solution: fixing that debt. Unless you do, this debt will block your way constantly, will make all your efforts to move forward completely useless, and will turn all your hard work into nothing.

Along with my Spirit Guides, I have developed a ritual called Spiritual Liberation, intended to repair any spiritual debt, and create a clean slate with Spirits, freeing you from any energetic ties that may be holding you back. This ritual will help you move forward without burdens, and will release you of any energetic baggage, opening the doors to all sorts of blessings and opportunities.

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