The Mirror

Any kind of dysfunction in human relationships can be mirrored in your relationships with Spirits, Deities, and Ancestors. This is why it is so important to develop the skills to work through your own experiences, and to identify your emotions, reactions, and emotional habits.

The Gods, and all the other Spirits, want nothing but your development and happiness. If your relationships with them leave you empty, broken, or unhappy, and if your life has not improved with their presence, it may be the moment to stop and rethink your whole approach.

Look back at your life experience; are you (mis)using the Spirits as actors in a show that replays your abandonment, your loneliness, your hurt, your disappointment, your most painful scars? Are they judges, oppressors, censors, thiefs of time, energy, and joy?

A huge part of moving forward in your spiritual path is not about learning more spells, or holding more power, or about seeing more things; is about understanding who you truly are, how you feel and think, how you perceive the world to be, and which is your place in it.

The amount of answers about your magical results that this knowledge holds is nothing short of life changing – you may believe that this is all easy to know, but it’s not. It can take years, and a great deal of study and therapy, to reveal and process the many layers that make a soul.

Start today.


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