Answering Customers’ Questions: Healing Anxiety

This week, a customer asked me what could they do to heal the anxiety they felt about a situation in their life, so as not to project negative energy over the outcome of a spell that was going to be performed for them.

I thought that many other customers could be sharing this concern, so here is a post with a slightly extended version of my reply:

Healing the anxiety of projecting negativity over our own lives is a complex matter, because it deals with the idea of what we truly deserve, and that idea can be programmed very negatively into our minds as children, and takes time and awareness to fix it. We cannot undo in one day, or in one magical work, what took years to be made.

I would definitely recommend working on all fronts at the same time: doing any kind of healing work in your spiritual path, from the more magical (as in candles, amulets, or spiritual baths), to the psychological (like mindfulness practises, subliminals, or listening to audiobooks/lectures on self-love).

Be patient with yourself, very patient, and very loving – that is the first thing you must learn to deserve, your own kindness! You are not bringing misfortune on you by feeling anxiety, you are merely reflecting what you were taught to reflect.

So, if you feel you need to teach yourself a different lesson, it cannot be done by judging or criticizing yourself harshly. Learning how to unlearn the programming you may have received, and re-learn a new way of treating yourself is the most important step of all.

The key to all healing is to love ourselves better, more powerfully, more consciously – and that begins by not holding your trauma against yourself. Open yourself to Divine Love, and see yourself through the eyes of Divine Love.


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