Ten things I Have Learnt After Working With Spirits For Over Thirty Years

1. Spirits want you to be strong, free, living, enjoying, receiving, creating, ecstatic, divine like them, becoming one of them. That may require hard lessons, many tears, and lots of frustration, but they DO know what they are doing.

2. Because of this, the quicker you learn, the better for you. Following their guidance is not an act of obedience, it’s simply an act of intelligence. You are not their servant, but their protégé, their trainee, their beloved, their child.

3. Everything that exists, seen or unseen, tangible or not, can and will be used by the Spirits to communicate with you, and to teach you. Open your eyes, your ears, and your mind to them.

4. If you need it, ask for advice to those who have been chosen by the Spirits to spread their message. They were chosen for a reason. Be respectful and loving to them, because they are living talismans.

5. No matter how many times you stray away from the path, the Spirits will always be there, will always forgive, and will always accept you. Our shortcomings mean absolutely nothing to them.

6. Protecting your connection with them, and keeping your vibration empowered and free, should be your main goals in life, because they are the only things you will take into the next step(s) of incarnation.

7. The previous two points do not mean that you have to be a hermit, or live a life of restriction. It’s perfectly fine to want things for yourself, to improve and empower yourself. Getting that makes the whole world better, and it’s absolutely possible to do it without a single drop of violence.

8. Destructive, parasitic, harmful entities do exist, just as much as harmful people. Protect yourself from both, stay away from both, and don’t play with fire. Overestimating your own power is a big mistake.

9. Trusting your own voice, your intuition, and your feelings is one of the most important tools you will ever have, because the Spirits will constantly use them to help you navigate life.

10. Love and openness are the most important spiritual keys you will ever have. Where you put love, the Spirits will be. When you are open, you are fully conscious and connected. When both happen, you ARE Spirit.

*** Final Note: if any of this, or all of it, does not apply to your experience, FINE. Spirits show themselves in many ways, teach many lessons, and act in different ways with different people. When it comes to them, nothing applies to everyone.

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