2021 Recap,The Best Posts: 5 – Experience

To celebrate the end of the year, and the beginning of a new one, I am going to be resharing my favourite posts from the past twelve months! Today, a post about false moral dichotomies, and on how an Espiritista should value experience.

As I see it, there is no such thing as failure in life, only experience. We do not need that kind of dualistic failure/success thinking. We need to think, and live, in much wider terms, in terms that see through all those fake dichotomies, and perceive the endless facets that each experience has, so we can learn the most from life.

Because that is all we should be pursuing, to elevate ourselves through learning – as an Espiritista, I am not interested in judging if I am a failure of a success: I am only concerned with how much learning I accumulate in this incarnation, and how farther in my elevation that can take me. Because the farther I get in this life, and the farther I help others get, the closer to the Spirits I will be in the next step of my evolution, after this life is over.

People think that being guided by the Spirits is being told what to think or what to do, being taken by the hand like a child. They could not be more wrong. The Spirits will make us face the wildest challenges, and look for the answer to the most complex questions, so we can grow – and one day, so we may join them in their plane of light.

And to live that way, fearless because we know of their love and support, because we know that they are putting things before us so we become more like them, trusting them with our very existence, is the heart of being a spiritual worker.

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