2021 Recap,The Best Posts: 4 – Hope

To celebrate the end of the year, and the beginning of a new one, I am going to be resharing my favourite posts from the past twelve months! Today, one of the messages I have channeled from the Spirits this year, which I think is perfect for the season; a message about the power of hope.

Hope is a matter of courage – because it takes a lot of courage to be hopeful in the face of loss, in the face of desolation, in the face of violence. And right now, the world needs your courage more than ever.Remember, the basis of all courage is Love. Pure, selfless, miraculous Love, from the Divine Source and right into your heart. And that source never dries, and that connection never dies, and there is always more, and more, and more.

So, when you feel empty and exhausted, stop for a moment, stop listening to all the things that are asking for your attention, and focus on reopening yourself to the Source, so you can be filled again with Love. Inside you, that Love will make you as strong as you need to be to overcome any tests.

We, the Spirits, are here to guide you and support you, to empower that Love connection, to strengthen it and help you manifest what you dream of. Work with us, trust our guidance, and listen to our advice – together, we are invincible.


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