2021 Recap,The Best Posts: 1 – Money Magic Tips

To celebrate the end of the year, and the beginning of a new one, I am going to be resharing my favourite posts from the past twelve months. Starting with December 2020, and almost an exact year to the date, here is a powerful tip on Money Magic – something that we can all use this month!

One of my favourite sayings in Spanish is “A Dios rogando, y con el mazo dando”, which can be translated as “Praying to God, and pounding the hammer”, and means that for every prayer that you send up to the Spirits, you must make an equivalent effort on this plane.

When you pray without working, expecting the Spirits to work for you, you are being materialistic and selfish in your relationship with them; that will sour your relationship very quickly, and you will end up alone and disappointed. When you work without praying, you disconnect yourself from alignment, ignoring the fabulous rewards that working with the Spirits can bring you. You are missing the potential for miracles, the Misterio.

This certainly can be applied to every area of our lives, but when it comes to Money Magic, it is truer than ever. Every time that you mirror your magical efforts with your mundane efforts, you are aligning with your true success, and stepping up as a person – and the more you step up, the more blessings you are allowing yourself to receive.

And this, my dear readers, is THE law of manifestation that you should be paying attention to: that financial abundance can only manifest into your life once you have created the environment in which it can exist FIRST. Success will not fall into your lap – it is merely a consequence of understanding how to live abundantly.

And, since we are talking about powerful manifestation, let me remind you to get your participation for the Sucess 2022 Ritual, happening on December 17:



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