Spirit Message: The Real You

A new Spirit message, received today while meditating. Since I do not know who needs to hear this today, I would be very grateful for any shares. These come directly from entities of High Light, so the more people they reach, the better. Thank you ❤!

There is nothing more important for the manifestation of your true desires, than to know yourself, and be yourself. That may seem easy or simple, but believe me, it’s not. Actually, it is the most complicated homework assigned to you in this incarnation.

This is the true secret of the term “alignment” – to align with your true desires, you have to know who you really are, and what you really want from life.

You are not what you think of yourself, because you don’t see yourself at your most beautiful, at your kindest moment, when you are radiating joy, when you are truly in love.

But IT IS at those moments when you have truly been showing your divine origin, and truly manifesting your holy power. In your joy, lie the keys you need to unlock these new levels of manifestation.

But, there is so much to remove so the real you can appear, and start making the changes needed – other people’s opinions, rejection, shame, the protections we placed there so survival was possible.

Not easy work, at all, but SO worth the effort. You are worth every single thing you can do to get there – to the vulnerable, open, fully sentient, unafraid, invincible piece of divinity that you are.


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