Reaching The End Of The (Magical) Year, Part 2: Cleansing And Recharging Your Talismans

Something that would be an excellent idea before the year ends is to clean and recharge your talismans – gemstones, jewelry, sigils, etc. The method and depth of this process depends mostly on your level of skill and personal path, but for those of you who needs a little help, here are some tips:

A lot of gemstones dissolve in water, and metals can rust, so smoke is the safest choice when it comes to cleansing them. Herbs like Rosemary, Juniper, Sage, and Cedar are excellent choices, as well as resins like Storax and Copal.

Pass them over the smoke several times, on all sides, and just visualize the smoke removing all stagnant energy. If visualizing is not your strong point, just talk to them – if done sincerely, it works. Tell them to release all the negativity they have protected you from, and thank them for their work.

To recharge them, I use a combination of sunlight (it doesn’t matter if it’s cloudy), moonlight (in any phase, you choose), and energy manipulation through laying on of hands. Visualize powerful protective energy gathering from any points in the Universe, and flowing through your hands towards the talismans. Just as before, if visualizing is not for you, try verbalizing it.

An extra tip – the charging part can be done in several consecutive days; this is particularly recommended for those of you who are chronically ill, depressed, or are just inexperienced in this practises.


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