On Divination, And Doing What You Are Told To Do

One of the things I find time and time again in readings for customers, is the conflict between our need to control our own destiny, and the need to allow our Cuadro Espiritual to guide it.

I have suffered this conflict myself, for many years – so you can believe me when I say I do not judge those who feel it too. When you are left on your own, to take care of yourself alone, there is no other option but to be the masters of our own lives, or allow ourselves to drown. Actually, to be extremely independent can be a sign of trauma and PTSD.

When the Spirits come into your life, and very strongly for those initiated into the religions of the African Diaspora, the first lesson you ever learn is to surrender control, and accept that once you belong to a Spiritual lineage, your life will be shaken up from top to bottom.

As I said, this was extremely difficult for me – and not only because of trauma, but also because I am a child of Exu. For those who do not know, that means having an extremely unruly character, that will not take directions easily, and that can be the most stubborn person when it comes to having their world dictated by others.

The Spirits were very kind, and I was blessed with really gentle Padrinos, who understood me, and never tried to break me or subdue me. And, with enough years in the religion, I started learning the most difficult lesson I ever had to learn – that I could trust the direction of Spirits at every point in my life.

That I was truly being guided to the best situation I could be in. That there was learning and improving behind most situations in my life. And, above all lessons, the one that truly rips you apart: that you are perfect as you are, divine as you are, that you are loved beyond measure, and that this life is only a step into Divine Love Consciousness.

Our divination is not entertainment, it is a sacrament; it is supposed to be followed to the letter, and treated as a privilege that you receive from the priests and priestesses who are your elders. You don’t go around checking diviners until you get the answer you want; you always go to the same person, and when the Spirits talk to you through them, you listen, and you do as you are told to do.

You don’t even ask yourself if you agree, because you have learnt your lesson, you already know how loved you are, and you have seen time after time how their advice is the truth and the knowledge you need. Those who understand this lesson, own a tremendous advantage towards their own happiness.


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