Hiring A Spiritual Worker: How To Choose The Best

Hiring a spiritual worker to perform spellwork for you is something that can truly change your life – for good and bad. If the spiritual worker is skilled, you can achieve blessings, protection, growth, and everything that magic has to offer; if the worker is a fraud, you could be facing a nightmare.

So, how do you tell one from another? Of course, I cannot speak for other workers, so I am going to post only things that apply to my own work; but speaking in general terms, this should be a good guideline of what to expect from any professional spiritual worker:

· I have done every type of spell, ever. I have done literally thousands of spells. Between my professional and my private practise, I do this 365 days a year. My experience is unmatched, and there is hardly a situation that I have not worked before.

· I work constantly to provide the best materials that money can buy. I grow most of my own herbs, I wildharvest those that I can’t grow myself, and all other elements used in my work are carefully sourced for the best quality. Absolutely no step of your work is left to chance.

· I prove my commitment to the Spirits regularly, by showing what I am allowed to show, and by teaching constantly on my social media posts. It is not hard to see that I know what I am talking about.

· Magic is something completely real, and extremely serious for me. The fact that I don’t sell initiations, promise miracles, or sugarcoat situations, should tell you a lot.

· I will treat your situation with the importance it deserves. I respect and appreciate you more than anything – because of this, I will not tell you what you want to hear, I will not enable you, and I will not feed unhealthy behaviours. I will root for your happiness as much as it is possible, I will believe in your right to happiness like no-one else, and I will not stop working for you, EVER. Because you deserve it, all of it.

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