Preparing For The Upcoming Fortuna Ritual: Money Magic Tips

This month, coinciding with the upcoming Fortuna Ritual on October 22, the main theme of my social media posts is Money Magic – so, here are five tips to add some extra power to your financial mojo.

1: Get a Basil plant, and put a piece of pyrite or peridot, and three golden coins in the soil, to create a living money drawing talisman. Place it where it will receive lots of sunlight and warmth, and take good care of it!

2: Make a cinnamon and orange peel infusion, the more concentrated the better, and use it as a money drawing spray for your business. Remember it can stain fabrics, so be careful how you spray. Pay extra attention to doors, windows, and thresholds.

3: Citric scents like lemon, orange, tangerine, lemongrass, lemon verbena, and lemon balm, are all wonderful money drawing perfumes. You can easily get an essential oil of any of them, or make a mixture of several, and use it on yourself, on your banknotes, on your wallet/purse, on your cash register, and on the entrance door to your business.

4: Money magic is pure fluidity – so, when it comes to your business (even if it’s a home business), make sure that there are no blocked/cluttered areas, whether if customers see them or not, and yes, it applies even to your computer! Think of energy as if it was water – if it can’t flow freely through clean spaces, it becomes stagnant and can make you really sick.

5: Get a reputed, experienced spiritual worker to work for you! That is never an expense, but a very, very wise investment. Very often, we need energy coming from outside to unblock our path – and by the way, have you got your participation for the upcoming Fortuna Ritual???


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