Ancestor Season, Part 4: Honouring Your Heritage

This is a very powerful time to honour your heritage. Every time you do something that connects to their memory, you are directly sending them your energy, and that empowers them and elevates them. Now that the connection is closer than in any other time of the year, this works even more powerfully!

Crafts like sewing, spinning, knitting, cooking, are always a wonderful choice when it comes to honour your Ancestors. It does not matter if you are just a beginner – what matters is that it is done with loving intention. It’s a perfect time to learn a new craft.

Dancing, singing, and playing music is something that all Spirits love – the vibration it generates goes straight to them. Folk music is perfect, of course, but it does not need to be, it can be music of any kind that your Ancestors enjoyed.

Creating a photo album, physical or digital, or scanning that old box of pictures, is also a wonderful energizing activity this month, especially if you share it with younger generations.

Connect with your own childhood, and the things you enjoyed then. A favourite book or movie can be revisited, and any tradition recreated – again, its energy is multiplied if you share it with the young in your family.

Please notice that in both previous points, when I mean the young, I don’t necessarily mean children, but anyone who is younger than you! Actually, they may be more open to listen and participate in traditions than children – I am 45, and I love learning new things about my Ancestors from the elders around me.

And finally – think of the kind of Ancestor YOU would like to be. What would you like to be remembered for? What memory of you do you want to leave, what message? Is your life today a reflection of that message, and if not, what can you do to change it? Consider the idea of starting a journal this month, that your descendants can read when you have moved on to join your Ancestors.


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