October 22: Fortuna Ritual, 9th Edition

On Friday October 22, I will be performing the 9th edition of the Fortuna ritual –  the fact that we have reached this number is the truest testimony to the power of this ritual, and to the many miracles it has brought to my customers!

The Fortuna Ritual is focused on attracting good finances, protecting your job and/or investments, protecting your employees and suppliers, protecting your work space, and of course, helping you find more work if you need it. It is, in short, a work which blesses and empowers the chain of your wealth from start to end.

And remember – your financial success benefits us ALL. It benefits those who are around you, those who depend on you, but also the entire society. During this time of uncertainty, those of us who can keep working, and keep offering our work to others, are more valuable than ever – so, by investing in this ritual, you are benefitting your entire world.

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