Ancestor Season, Part 3: A Recipe For Ancestor Incense

The purposes of this incense are:

a) to cleanse your space and yourself from negative entities;

b) to open communication and energy channels between you and your Ancestors;

c) to help your Ancestors by empowering them and elevating them.

This incense can be powdered and used on a charcoal, or a tea can be made from it, to be used in a spray around the home, or upon yourself. This is a very useful option for those of you who are sensitive to smoke, live with people who are not accepting of your practise, or live in shared homes/dorms where you can’t burn incense.

I have created a recipe with ingredients that are easy to find in the supermarket, so those readers who do not have large apothecaries can make it too. Of course, feel free to add any ingredients that are meaningful to you, as long as the purpose of the mixture is not interfered. If you are unsure, just leave the recipe as it is, it will work just fine!

The ingredients are:

· Dry orange rind.

· Dry Chamomile flowers.

· Dry Rose petals.

· Powdered Coffee.

· Honey.

Mix equal parts of each ingredient, while you concentrate as much as you can on your love for your Ancestors, and charge the mixture with your feeling. If you want to do this in front of a picture of your family, or play music that was meaningful to them, even better – the stronger the emotion, the stronger the charge.

Allow the mixture to blend in a jar in your altar for a few days, so the scents blend and improve. After a few days, you can take about half a teaspoon, and place it over a lit charcoal (once it turns white, so you are sure it is as hot as it can be), or use a full spoon to make tea for your spray.

The incense or spray should be passed through every room in your home, preferably from the farthest room towards the entrance door, paying extra attention to dark and unused spaces, spaces under stairs, behind doors, walk-in closets, and any other space where energy may be stagnant.

Of course, feel free to share, and check parts I and II of this post on this blog ❤.


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