Textile Arts And Magic: Free Patterns

Embroidery, as all the arts traditionally carried through folklore and cultural heritage, contains a great amount of magic, symbolism, and references to spiritual entities and deities related to the culture they represent.

As if that was not enough, the very practise of any of these arts is a form of meditation and a source of wellness in itself, as it allows us to focus, be present, and clear our busy minds of clutter. In a time like the one we are all living now, this is more important than ever. To stop scrolling or cheking the news, and to sit with your art for an hour, is a blessing beyond measure, and a tool for deep healing like no other.

The patterns in this post were all designed by me a few years ago, and are perfect for beginner embroiderers. Cross stitch is very easy to learn, the materials are affordable, and can be done almost everywhere. It is the perfect first step to move on onto other types of embroidery.

Please feel free to download them and use them (personal use only, of course), and if you want to post your work online, I would be very grateful if you mention @carolinastextileart, the IG account where I post my needlework.


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