How Does Spiritual Trauma Affect You?

How does spiritual trauma affect you?

If the trauma has a supernatural origin, Susto can manifest as nightmares, visions of unfriendly ghosts, feeling of being watched, apparitions during episodes of sleep paralysis, etc.

If the trauma has a natural origin, Susto can manifest as extreme tiredness, muscle pain, headaches, blurry vision, insomnia, panic attacks, lack of appetite, etc. The symptoms, of course, have no physiological origin, and usually come and go without reason.

A third way Susto can manifest is what most people call a “bout of bad luck” – small accidents without reason, job loss, constant fighting with members of the household, obstacles at every turn, inability to focus on tasks, sudden breakdown of appliances and vehicles, etc – all happening is a short period of time.

Susto, at first, may not be as dangerous as the effects of a curse, but ignoring it is the worst thing you could do. I have seen Susto mark the beginning of extremely complex situations, as any mixture of these symptoms can easily and quickly snowball into very, very serious consequences; prolongued and serious physical and mental illness, all kind of addictions, homelessness, and of course spiritual haunting at all levels.

That is why the Susto ritual was created – to prevent trauma from going further, and ruining your life. To participate in the group ritual I will be offering on Friday 20th, just visit my website!


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