August 20: Susto Ritual, Third Edition!

After many requests, the third edition of the Susto Ritual is happening on Friday, August 20!

What Is Susto?

In Canarian Curanderismo, Susto (or Espanto) is a form of spiritual trauma caused by a sudden, terrifying event. This event can be natural or supernatural, and can have long and debilitating consequences.

Natural Causes: any form of trauma, car accidents, dangerous falls, physical fighting, an episode of being verbally or psychologically harrased, being attacked by an animal, the sudden death of a loved one, etc. Of course, the prolonged quarantine, and the stress of the pandemic, are more than justified causes for Susto.

Supernatural Causes: a spectral apparition, contact with a haunted space, a badly carried spiritual seance or ouija, powerful evil eye, accidentally crossing paths with a dangerous entity, etc.

The consequences of Susto are very varied, and can mimic a lot of illnesses, from very mild ones to very complex ones – fatigue, flu-like symptoms, depression, anxiety, nightmares, stabbing pain with no cause, etc. Also, of course, it can affect the rest of your life, in the shape of bad luck, loss of job and/or relationships, loss of investments, accidents, etc.

Along with my Spirit Guides, I have created a version of the traditional Curanderismo rituals that can be performed for a group of customers – after two extremely successful editions, and always under the guidance of Spirits, the third has been scheduled for Friday 20. As always, visit my website to get your slot!


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