You Are The Source

We begin a new cycle until July 30, when the 8th edition of the Fortuna Ritual will be performed, and as with every Service, my posts will be centered on the subject of the ritual – so, let’s talk about Money Magic!

When it comes to Money Magic, spellwork is not a magical solution (no pun intended), an excuse to be passive about your own life. If this is how you see it, you will never get anything out of it, no matter how much money you spend on it, no matter how powerful your spiritual worker is.

Think of Money Magic as you would think of an ally. Spellwork is there to help, to propitiate, to empower; not to put things on your lap while you do nothing for yourself. Magic creates an environment in which things can grow, protects you from the enemies of that growth, and gives you the strength to work through obstacles – but does not treat you like a poppet.

Being financially literate is your job, not the job of Money Magic. If you are actively working on your projects, your business, your goals, then you will be aligning perfectly with the energy of Money Magic, and opportunities to accomplish those goals will present themselves.

Let me say this again, because I think it needs to: when done by a professional, experienced spellworker, there is no spell that brings no results, there are only aligned or misaligned customers. Whether if you are ready to align with those results or not, that is up to YOU.

Magic puts you in the center. Magic makes you the source. Magic forces you to take action, to take control, to be fully accountable. Work hard, leave the magical procedures to a competent professional, and watch yourself bloom!

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