Manifestation Magic Tips

Every month, I try to match most of the posts to the intention of the upcoming group ritual, so new topics are discussed, and so participants can make the best of the energy that builds along, as I prepare the entire process.

This month’s theme is manifestation, as my next group ritual is the first edition of the Vibration Booster, a ritual focused on empowering and elevating your vibrational level – so, here are my favourite manifestation tips.

· Manifesting material goods is totally ok – when it comes to manifestation magic, being a puritan is not the way to go. Yes, the true goal of manifestation is reaching a heightened level of awareness, but if paying the bills is more urgent, then focus on that. Neither the Universe, nor the Spirits, are going to blame you for being poor, because there is nothing wrong with abundance, nor with enjoying it.

· Being grateful and passionate about our manifestation speeds results. Love is the greatest magic of all, its vehicle is our awareness, and our heart the catalyst of all transformation. Let the magic reach you, without criticism or cynicism.

· Understanding how much of our experience is created by our self-image is extremely important, and the root of all accountability. We cannot overcome our shortcomings unless we realize how often we are enabling ourselves into our worst habits.

· Manifesting is not asking for things to the future, and then waiting for them to happen. Manifestation is sovereignty over reality, and that requires a level of total responsibility. Better said, TOTAL RESPONSIBILITY.

· When it comes to creating something, there is no useless tool – traditional magic, non-traditional magic, affirmations, subliminals, listening to audiobooks or talks, meditation, martial arts… everything is there to help you. Use it all, and use it non-stop until you have reached your goal. And even beyond.

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